Quality outdoor & environmental education through traditional indigenous knowledge, modern skills, respect, and intimate connection to the natural world.




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Hooksum Outdoor School
Hesquiat Harbour
PO Box 352, Tofino, BC, Canada V0R 2Z0
phone: 250.670.1120

email: info@hooksumschool.com

If you are wondering if Hooksum is right for you or your group, we're happy to answer all questions and to provide you with additional information..

Hooksum Outdoor School is located in Hesquiat Harbour where there is no phone service. We do however have internet access. This means that we can usually respond to your email queries much faster than we can answer your phone calls. SO PLEASE SEND US AN EMAIL!

Hooksum - An Experience Like No Other




email: info@hooksumschool.com
Hooksum Outdoor School, Hesquiat Harbour, PO Box 352, Tofino, BC, Canada V0R 2Z0