" We have come home with a deep appreciation
for the wilderness."

Past Hooksum participant



An Environment Like No Other

Hooksum Outdoor School is based at Ayyi'saqh, Hesquiat Harbour. This section of northwestern Clayoquot Sound on the mid-West Coast of Vancouver Island, Canada, is accessible only by boat or float plane.

Travel time from Tofino- the nearest highway point -
is about 1 1/2 hours by speed boat or 1/2 hour by float plane.

Hooksum Outdoor School is in the traditional territory of the Kiniqwastakumulth Clan of the Hesquiaht First Nation. The history of the Hesquiaht people is written on the landscape here. The wealth of the land and sea has sustained the Hesquiaht since time immemorial.

Hooksum Outdoor School operates in both Hesquiat Peninsula Provincial Park and Maquinna Provincial Marine Park. These parks encompass "a significant wilderness area..heritage sites..old-growth forest stands of Sitka spruce, lodgepole pine, white pine and yellow cedar, and a fresh-water lake..a variety of coastal ecosystems..extensive off-shore reefs, boulder,cobble and sand beaches, sea caves, sheltered bays, kelp beds and mudflats." BC Parks.

Hooksum - An Experience Like No Other





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