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Group Program FAQs
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What kind of groups go to Hooksum?

Since 2000, Hooksum Outdoor School has hosted: elementary and secondary school groups, university groups, youth groups, special programs and workshops, adult and youth paddling and hiking and surfing groups. In short, many different types of groups stay at Hooksum.

How can my group arrange a Hooksum visit?

Talk to us – either by email or telephone. We can discuss what your group is interested in, and what you hope to do and learn at Hooksum. Together we can arrange a program that will suit your group.

How much does a group visit cost?

There are many factors that affect cost, such as the activities and/or instruction your group wants, and the number of people in your group. When we discuss options for your group, we will also discuss costs.

Why should I go to the trouble of arranging a program at Hooksum?

Just ask someone who has done just that:

From: Allen Halverson, teacher, Ballenas Secondary School
"When I left Hooksum I couldn't understand the little bit of sadness in my heart. I didn't feel like dancing at all. I figured it out though. I was leaving two friends, not a beach. I was leaving two people who had just treated my charges to one of the most incredible experiences they will have in their whole lifetimes. The welcome we received by you two, the food, the surf, the stories around the campfire, whales, a wolf, a dip in the lake, Shandy, boat rides, and laughing add up to one good time for all...It will take me a few more days to fit back in around here. I seem to be moving at a slower and a more appreciative pace in life right now, probably has something to do with Hooksum I bet. For sure."




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