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Leadership Program FAQs
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What certifications do I get?

West Coast Outdoor Leadership Training gives you the opportunity to earn the following certifications:

  • Red Cross First Responder
  • Bronze Medallion
  • Bronze Cross
  • Boat Operator Accredited Training
  • Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking Skills Introduction to Kayaking
  • Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Skills Level I
  • Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Skills Level II
  • Maritime Radio Restricted Operator's Certificate

What skills and prerequisites do I need?

None!  All you need to take part in West Coast Outdoor Leadership Training is enthusiasm and willingness to learn new things and try new experiences.

Who signs up for West Coast Outdoor Leadership Training?

Men and women of all different ages, from many different places and backgrounds, sign up for the Training.  Most people are interested in working and/or spending lots of time outdoors and/or on the water.

How old are training participants?

Most participants are in their late teens, twenties, and early thirties.   Our oldest participant was in his mid-fifties – and many of us had a hard time keeping up with him!  We think that a range of ages – and backgrounds – makes each Training program uniquely interesting.




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